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House 100 Percent Financed? No Equity?

The "low equity, no equity" situation is the most common problem we come across. In most cases, the homeowner has tried to sell their house "for sale by owner" (FSBO) with no luck. When they discover they are unable to sell their home, their next step is usually to list it through a Realtor®. In order to cover the Realtor’s commissions and closing costs, they usually have to dramatically increase the asking price. Since the price was artificially increased, the likelihood of selling the house is reduced even further.

Even if the house does sell, any equity that does exist is quickly eaten away by the Realtor’s commission, closing costs, taxes and holding costs, leaving the seller responsible for bringing a large check to the closing table.

You don’t have to pay real estate commissions and you don’t have to give away your equity, no matter how small it is, to a Realtor®!

We purchase homes from people in situations like this all the time. In most cases we are able to return some of that hard earned equity to the homeowner, or at least reduce the amount of money they have to pull out-of-pocket at closing.
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Have you tried the agent to no avail, has that short sale, or loan modification failed to workout?  We have  an option that can save your credit and solve your problems.

We can help you sell any property FASTER by  Mortgage Assignment Payments to another buyer!

mortgage assignment is perfect for homeowners that NEED TO SELL, but CANNOT AFFORD TO, because of the amount owed on the home, and/or the condition of the home. Mortgage Assignment Program is a unique solution that allows sellers to assign mortgage payments to a new buyer!

The Mortgage Assignment Program allows sellers to assign their mortgage payments to buyers so they can sell difficult to sell homes FAST and legally.

Today, most mortgages are not assumable, therefore we can utilize an effective (legal) process to assign the mortgage payments to a qualified buyer for almost any home (especially those with no equity).

In many cases, we already have buyers that want your home who have sufficient income and down payments needed to buy your home and make the mortgage payments.

This is a perfect alternative to a short sale and can be completed in a fraction of the time.

*Note to agents* - Now you can help your clients sell properties even with little, no, or negative equity.

What is a Mortgage Assignment?

mortgage assignment by definition is: An instrument transferring the secured rights of a mortgage to another party by the original party which possessed those rights.

What are the Advantages?

Allows a homeowner to quickly sell an impossible home to sell

Avoid foreclosure (if the homeowner can no longer afford the home)

Does not require seller to bring thousands of dollars to closing – in
cases where the home has little, no, or negative equity

Superior to renting – the home is actually SOLD, therefore the seller does not have
to worry about maintaining the home

Typically a better option than a Short Sale

Your credit improves (or gets repaired) from the payments being made

What are the Disadvantages?

Your name stays on the loan  (This is how your credit improves having the loan paid regularly)

The reason that a buyer wants your home is because it comes with
financing! To make that happen, the existing loan(s) must be left in place.

Buyer could default on payments  True but If your making double payments, and could not short sell it, or modify it other than keeping it this is your next best option)  

see below for possible outcomes

Lender could call the loan due (Due On Sale)

Highly unlikely and very rarely happens. Especially in today's market, banks are not looking to take back anymore properties. Worst case scenario, if a
lender did choose to exercise the "due on sale" clause, the buyer would be required to refinance the loan.

What if the Buyers Default?

While it is possible the buyers may default on payments, we still have options available to us.

Additionally, you might even be in a better position. Here are some possible outcomes:

We can do the same process with a new buyer.

3/4/5 years down the road may mean we are in a better market than we are now. You (the seller) will have 3/4/5 years of built up equity you didn't even pay for and we might be able to sell the house traditionally.

3/4/5 years down the road, you may very well be in a better position financially, you may want the house back or you may want to keep it as an investment property.

If you don’t want to continue worrying about a house you no longer want or can afford, Complete our Seller Questionnaire and we will help take this financial burden off your hands once and for all!

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